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A Fly Gliding On The Flowers

A Beetle Searching For Food

Forming Beautiful Droplets

A Tiny Butterfly Sucking Food

Environmentally Friendly

Wonderful Droplets

Pink Beauty

Wild Belly Beauty

Drop Of Dew On The Petels

Alluring Hibiscus

A Bug On The Pollen Adding To Its Beauty

A Shinning Rain Drop With balance On The Twigs

Dazzling Dewdrops On A Graceful Bud

A Lonely Flower Peeping For Its Companions

A Hidding Ant On The Curly Leaves

The Captivating Beauty Of A Heavenly Flower

A colorful Butterfly Adding Color To A Green Leaf

Wild Enchanting Blossoms

A Graceful Visitor To A Flower-End Part 1

A blooming China Rose Among Its Leaves

Shinning God Gifted Whiteness Of A Flower Among Its Buds

Sparkling Droplets

Pollen Grace

Untamed Beauty

A Shy Leaf Hiding Its Beauty

Yellow Grace

Group Of Tube Roses Spreading Its Sweet Fragrance

Dewdrops Gathering On A Leaf

A Pleasing Being In A Green Surrounding

A Graceful Kingship Of Dewdrops With A Twigs


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